Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Dad is Guy

Today is Father's Day and I maked my dad some of my favorite breakfast foods. It was Booberry pamcakes and surrip. See, this is how they looked in that big heavy pan that Gramberry's got. See those littlest pamcakes that are stuck on the other one? Only big as a booberry? Those are my super fave ones. They are yum crunchy ones and I wanted to make all of them real small like that, but Mom and Gram said it would be lunchtime by the time Daddy got his breakfast.
Then Gram took me and Scratches down to make some pamcakes for Grampy and Mommy stayed with Daddy, I think to share those pamcakes because when we were walking downstairs I heard them making 'Mmmm" Yummy sounds!

And here is a poetry I made for my Daddy, too. I'm sure this goes for Abby Cadabra too, cuz when I readed it to her, she said "Gleeh Gah!" and other baby junk she says when she is happy.

"A great dad is a guy who stands up for us all.
For the Mom and the Kids and the pets big and small....
He hugs and he kisses...
throws us high in the air...
He cuddles with us in the big, comfy, chair.
He showed me how to put cards in the spokes of my broom
to make a cool sound when I really zoom!
He leads by a'zample
He's caring and he's kind.
He always makes time to listen
to the stuff on my mind.
He sings me songs, makes up stories
we go for walks holding my hand.
I think that I got the bestest dad in the land.
We shovel snow, splash in puddles
And catch fire flys in a jar...
I think that he'll even teach me to drive in a car!
He loves us and asseps us just as we are.
He is a guy you can count on to be there for you.
He loves us and always tells you what's true.
He prateks us from harm
He is strong and he's funny
We would not trade this guy for a bag full of money!
I can't say it enough and us kids are real glad
that we have such a person like you for our Dad.


Claudio Cerri said...

Hi Jill, wonderful works! I have a lot of your book. I'm your fan, see you soon!

Jill Thompson said...

Thanks Claudio. Where shall I see you soon?

Anonymous said...

beuatiful your works!!!!!!

Patti Stejskal-French said...

Hi Jill, this is Patti Stejskal-French. Do you remember me from The AAA?? I didn't know anything about your your work until this am (yes I live under a large rock) I think of you when I see the Honda ads on tv, the guy reminds me of a drawing you did a few years ago when we were in school (just a few) Anyway... I thought of you and then there you were on the news....just freaked me out a bit. Yes I have some powers (ha) Do you talk to anyone from school? Would love to talk to Darrel,Mark,Karen, Cheryl... I was in contact with Krista and Lynn but have lost touch over the years. Let me know if you get this, would love to talk. You look great the same as in school (%#$@&)
Bye, Patti

Misha said...

hi magic trixie

i just read your second book and it was the first book that i read all the way trough all by myself. i can't wait to get your new book and read it too. i love you magic trixie!

Ação e Arte e Único uma criação de Allan Ruy said...

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DanGilbert66 said...

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Mike Mattesi said...

Hi Jill,

I would like to purchase a piece on your main site. Please email me at



Lori Correia said...

What is goin on with Scary Godmother? Will there ever be any more new books?