Monday, December 29, 2008

This is my favorite

I tried this one year. I know. It's a kinda greedy thing to do when you are supposed to be good, but you can't blame a kid for trying. What about in the oldie days when all guys had to wear was tights and junk? Are you tellin me that they didn't hang those jobbers up on the fire place or on the bedpost for Santa to fill up with stuff?Cuz a stokkin is my favrite part. You hang those guys up all empty and flat and you wake up an they are filled with a millyin little things all from the toe to the top! It's my mom's favrite too. She gets always an ormanent and a letter from Daddy which makes her get all misty and crying like in her eyes.But it's not for sad reesins she says. It's for happy ones. And it makes her kiss on Daddy which he says is his best present.So, I useyully turn my hair red like a holly berry. And those are stokkins that I made for me and Scratches this year. Abby Cadabra got my baby stokkin. We like to make stokkins in our family. I always get a big thick comic with lots of pages. I got a piece of birch branch to make a new wand! There was a choklit octapus and some gummy red fishes. And a Every Color Crayon. And a Sew It Up puppit kit. And a snowflake necklass made out of dyminds. And some nice warm socks. And some stick on butterfly wings! Scratcheses stokkin had a catnip mowse and some cat grass for helpin him to throw up a hairball and some socks and a little coat for him to wear when we go out walking. And there was this fakey bird that flies around for him to chase. And a new jingle toy and the top of a milk jug that he likes to play fetch with!
After we did stokkins we eated a breakfast and opened the presents that Santa brought. Then Elixir gets opened and we make a dinner for as many people as we can all day. There is Apple Cider with sometimes Rum, but not for kids. There is hot bread and butter. And Grampy made big cauldrons of chili and soup. And there is pans of collyflowers roasted and brussuls sprowts and chestnuts. I know that some kids don't like them, but they never had the ones we got at Elixir. And there is baked mushroom and cheeze luzanyah. Tomato pie with tomatoes that was preserved from summer. And then there is some roasted meats and gravys.
I got to decorate the cookies which everyone seems to like alot.
And then at night after Elixir is closed we open presents that we made for each other. And then pick the theme for next year's Yuletide Celebration. It is our trudishin. I think it is a good one. We always have fun. We all put a theme in a hat. A theme is like a kind of thing. Like lumberjack or princess, or pirate, or something. And then another hat gots everybody's name in it. You pick a name and that's the person you gotta make a present for. And then the theme is the type of celebration and decorations and ornaments that there will be!
Should I tell you who I got for next year? Don't tattle, but it is Wyatt,Tansy's boyfriend!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This stuff is great

I got some of this today at Mr. McGumm's Weirdtastic Wagon today when my family and me was in Spectral Park. You never know if those wagons of his will be landed or flying around looking for new and cool stuff, so when you see them somewhere make sure you run up right away and buy something. Because it might not be in there next time! I love this junk! It's always good when you need to make snow and sled down the stairs.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Blustery good

We got Snow! It is now December and when me and Scratches waked up thasmornin' we saw big flakes whooshing around! I digged into the mittens box for my winter socks and tights and I made a pompom for my ice skates! Because a day like today means the weather wizards freezed the lake in Spectral Park! So me and Scratches and Daddy will go over there and take a skate before I go to Monstersorri School. And I get to take hot choklit in a thermiss for after lunch. (But I sneaked a little before! Don't tattle!)
I don't like being cold, but I sure like winter! I get to wear fuzzy boots. And we can make snow monsters and forts and igloos and snowballs.
The city looks pretty and when the trolley comes around it's all got jingle bells instead of a ding ding bell. And there is always a chestnut fire guy on every corner. And a churros guy. Those things are like a long donut with cimanumsugar that you dip into hot choklit. But the hot chokit is more like pudding which is not a bad thing.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

If I were President...

It would be a cotton candy world! And...a noodle world!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Have you ever seen those recycling Robots? I like these ones that eat the bottles and it gets all like burned or something in their bellies because they got a thingie in them. What do you call it a thing that makes a super hot fire like a dragon? Hotter than boiling water for noodles? A boiler? OH! or a furnace!
Okay, so the furnace makes the bottles all like a lava from a volcano. And then they make glass bubbles come out of their butts!!!!! And they are cool and all swirly of different colors.
I want to drive one of those guys when I grow up! The drivers get to sit in the brain part. And they have a cool headlight eyeball up there that they can shine all over the place!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Punkin season

It feels like a good Halloween day today. It was very sweater weather when me and Scratches went downstairs to get the milk bottles. I am already thinking of what it is I am going to be for the Halloween parade at the Big Tree in Spectral Park.
I am staring at the one punkin that growed on my punkin vine. It is almost ready for me to pull off of there. I want to carve a jackalantern so bad! But it would be all gross even before it was October!
What is your favorite face on a jackalantern? You can draw it for me and send it to my email. I got one of those things now for when people got questions for me about myself or my stories. It is And, I will post my favorite of the pictures and carve it on one of our stairs punkins!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I got a fanmail!

Look at this cool drawing that Lucy Azzarello made for me! it is a great drawing of the cover of my first book! And there was no tracing of it! She drawed it straight out of the pencil. I am going to start a book of these things I think. I like to see how other kids draw and junk.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm Back!

Hi You Guys! I'm sorry I have not typed at you in a long while. It was summer and I had lots of junk to do, like eat corn on the cob and toastedy marshmallows that were on the end of a stick and swim and collect things I found in the forest and at the beach.
And, Jill was busy chronik-croniculling... making more of my adventures so she could not do anymore paintings to show you what that other stuff looks like yet.
SO! Here is some pages of my upcoming story for you to enjoy for right now!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

That’s what I say when I want everybody to look at me for a minute. Like now.

So, okay! My name is Magic Trixie. And in case you didn’t guess because of my name…I’m a witch! See, there’s Magic-which is a no brainer, but then this is the clever part- there’s Trixie , which is both, like, tricks of Magic and a girl’s name! And, I can be pretty tricky at times, too.

This is my house. It is called a multi-unit dwelling. We live on the top floor so Daddy can use the conservatory. That’s a glass room where you can grow plants even when it’s snowing. One of my chores is to tend the spiders and ladybugs and praying mantises. Those are insects which are benafish- benofish—they eat bugs you don’t want in your garden.
This is my mom. She is really smart and beautiful, but she has one terrible habit. She will not let a kid watch Spell-O-Vision real late at night. And, she's pretty particular about what stories you see on that thing. I have been trying to break her of that habit, but she is a hard person to train.
My grandparents live in between us and the bottom floor (which is my mom’s work). This is my Gramberry.
She is what they call even keeled. That means she doesn't get mad so easy. But, she will get pretty flustered if you try and read a spell out loud from the big spell book... and flustered sometimes looks a lot like mad to me.
And this is my Grampy. He likes to race you down the stairs and take you to see plays at The Luna Theater. He calls me Spiderlegs and Punkin and other names of endearment. He has been all over the world when he was in the service and one time he had a run in with a Dragon! He gots some friends that come over to play cards with him sometimes. They teached me and I'm real good at it. They are what you call 'salty old fellas'. They had to put money in the swear jar after that time I won the game. But Grampy is sweet, too. He dances Gramberry around the living room when he thinks you are not watching and he is always holding her hand and giving her a smooch. She likes that alot I guess, because it makes her giggle.
I like being on the top floor of our house because it is good for taking off on your broom. I can’t fly the big broom yet like my Daddy... but I have a kid sized one. And no, those are not training wheels on my broom…it is… um… landing gear! On account of I do not ruin my good shoes with stopping and stuff.

I also like to be on the top floor to do a spit out my window and see how long it takes for it to hit the sidewalk. Sometimes I like gross stuff. It's funny and junk.

Tansy is my cousin. She is sixteen and has her riding license and everything. She is really good at magic and does not spit out her window because she thinks it’s kind of gross. I think it is because her boyfriend can make a super gross spit so who can blame her? Tansy does work for Mom’s cafĂ© which is on the first floor of our house and is called Elixir. My Mom and my Gramberry make delicious things to eat and drink there and my MiMi (that means grandma-but 0nly if you are trying to fool people into thinking you are not a grandma) gived my Mom the money to get it off the ground, which means to start your work. This is my MiMi. (She's pretty sparkly.)
And the best part is the cookies and cakes and junk? Not only do they taste good, they got magic in them! I guess that is why Mom called the place Elixir!
But remember, you must follow the recipes for stuff exactly and there is no adding of secret ingredients unless you want all the customers’ hair to fall out, or to turn your baby sister into a dragon or something…or so I have heard.
And speaking of baby sisters, I have one whose name is Abby Cadabra. It is amazing that someone who can’t write up her own spells or make her hair turn pink can get as much attention as she does. I don’t get it, but everybody loves to watch her just lay around.
Another guy who likes to lay around is Scratches, my kitty. But laying around is one of the jobs of a cat! He’s my bestest friend and the fuzziest, purriest guy to cuddle with at night. And he’s good to climb a tree with and to tell your troubles to, but he can also be a big mouth tattle tale when you are secretly trying to practice using the big broom or attempting to make your sister disappear for Show and Tell at school.
Show and Tell is a big deal at Spectral Park Monstersorri School. I am in the First Grade. There are other grades there, but I think it’s best to be First. My teacher is named Ms.Specter because she’s a ghost. Not a spooky ghost like the one that haunts our basement, but a friendly one who haunts our brains with learning.

These are my classmates.
‘Lupe Garou is a werewolf. A werewolf is pretty good to be, I guess, but not as good as being a witch. Or at least that’s what I keep telling ‘Lupe. Her house is in the forest… When there’s a full moon, she is the scariest thing you ever wanted to borrow a dress from. She’s gotta pack of older brothers and she runs just as fast as any of them. We sometimes get along because we both have curly hair and curly hair girls stick together. ‘Lupe wants to do hair when she grows up. I suppose that’s because being a werewolf, she’s covered in the stuff, so she knows lots about it. A person could get pretty rich running a Beauty Shop for those guys, so it sounds like a good idea to me.
These are the Twins. We don’t know their names, just Twins. They are…Vampires! How ‘bout that! They do so really live in the graveyard and they do not have any parents at all! It is not a good idea to trade lunch with them. Also, you never want to sleep over at their house. There is absolutely no ‘lectricity and they don’t even have a Spell-o-Vision! And brother, are they allergic to everything! But they can float kinda creepy cool and they have funny little squeaky voices. Also they will punch holes in your paper with their teeth so you can make a Spellbook.
This patchwork fellow is my second best friend, other than Scratches. His name is Stitch. He lives next door with his mom who is very good at Science and sewing. I like Stitch because he never gets tired of seeing me make ectoplasm come out of my ears and he pretty much likes to do everything I tell him to. You have to be careful when you play catch with him, though, or sometimes he’ll throw you the ball with his hand still holding it. I swear, his mom should remember to tie double knots or use Velcro or something. Stitch would very much like to be my boyfriend but I’m not ready for a serious relationship.
Nefie is my third best friend and first best friend that is a girl. Her full name is Neferet-ta-sherit. We call her Nefie because it’s quicker. She is the most beautiful Mummy Princess I have ever known. You should get a load of her house! It is all roof and no house part. That is called a Pyramid. But even though she is royalty, she is not stuck up or anything. She is what you call ‘down to earth.’ But, her earth has lots of gold and servants and all the stuff she needs in her afterlife… like a boat with a zillion oars. I don’t even have a boat for the bathtub! We both have kitties, so Scratches has someone to play with when I go over to her place, ‘cept Scratches is a bit more active than Miu.

Here is a zample of what my stories look like!
So that's me and my family and stuff.
I like telling you guys junk, so I think I will keep doing it. Maybe I will show you my spellbook and my very own book of magic recipes. Well, they don't have so much magic in them yet, because I am just learning. And magic ain't so easy like it is in the movies or on Spell-O-Vision! You have to rememborize a bunch of stuff. And make lots of things which are very personal to you. And there's a ton of rules. Sometimes I wish we were wizards instead. They got it more easy. Specially with those glittery magical items and rings and belts and stuff. But, there you go. I spose they wish they could absorb solar energy through their witch hats...if they had witch hats.
Anyway, I'm gonna go see if Mom needs any help frosting cupcakes...that is a chore I could do all day!