Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Gram

So after we eated brunch on Mother's Day (which I made the pancakes of...)all of the ladies in our family got the big picture book out and added some new ones into it. But, what I like best is to get to look through the old ones and get somebody to tell me a story about them.
Like this one of my Gramberry. It was a real long time ago when Gram was not even married to Grampy! She's got the big Spellbook with her and her brushes and paints and pens and junk to use to add new spells to it. And look at her cool boots with the buttons on them. And that's Miss Dandylion Fluff, Gram's first cat-in her wicker carrier. And look at Gram's roundy sootcase. Don't you love that witches can shrink all their junk down real small so that it fits into one bag. Gram said she even had her bed and her favorite chair and her cauldrons in there!

This she was when just about to get on the big Drijab-Duhrijabul (which is a big balloon shaped like a football that gots like a house thing under it so a ton of guys can fly in it.) and fly over the ocean to collect spells from other countries. And, it was on this trip that she meeted Grampy for the first time who was transfered someplace for the Big War. Him and a bunch of the guys who come over to play cards at our house in the now times were in the Magickal Defense Corps back in the Oldy Days. Gram said that she was super so scared to get on that Drijathingie. Which is kinda funny-a witch who is afraid of flying. But I guess it kinda makes sense. On my broom I do the steering. And in that other thingie, some other guy is doing the driving.

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