Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Punkin season

It feels like a good Halloween day today. It was very sweater weather when me and Scratches went downstairs to get the milk bottles. I am already thinking of what it is I am going to be for the Halloween parade at the Big Tree in Spectral Park.
I am staring at the one punkin that growed on my punkin vine. It is almost ready for me to pull off of there. I want to carve a jackalantern so bad! But it would be all gross even before it was October!
What is your favorite face on a jackalantern? You can draw it for me and send it to my email. I got one of those things now for when people got questions for me about myself or my stories. It is magictrixie1@gmail.com. And, I will post my favorite of the pictures and carve it on one of our stairs punkins!


piwackit said...

Hi MT~

I sure does feel like Punkin season!
It's finally cooling down here on the West coast. Good thing too as it's hard to get into the mood for Halloween when it's too HOT!


Clay Perry said...


Anonymous said...

I just found this link on your main site which I haven't been to in a while. I have been a fan since I saw Scary Godmother on CN (I am in my thirties but still love cartoons - what can I say?) I am a huge Halloween fan and I love your take in it. I have been trying to collect all the books, but some are very hard to track down. :(
Anyway, it is hot where I am too (South East US) and not feeling too much like Halloween. But I already have my costume for this year and I am pulling down the Halloween decorations to get them up on the first. I will have to putt in my DVD's of Scary Godmother 1 & 2 to get me in the mood! Thanks for providing us with such wonderful work!