Monday, December 1, 2008

Blustery good

We got Snow! It is now December and when me and Scratches waked up thasmornin' we saw big flakes whooshing around! I digged into the mittens box for my winter socks and tights and I made a pompom for my ice skates! Because a day like today means the weather wizards freezed the lake in Spectral Park! So me and Scratches and Daddy will go over there and take a skate before I go to Monstersorri School. And I get to take hot choklit in a thermiss for after lunch. (But I sneaked a little before! Don't tattle!)
I don't like being cold, but I sure like winter! I get to wear fuzzy boots. And we can make snow monsters and forts and igloos and snowballs.
The city looks pretty and when the trolley comes around it's all got jingle bells instead of a ding ding bell. And there is always a chestnut fire guy on every corner. And a churros guy. Those things are like a long donut with cimanumsugar that you dip into hot choklit. But the hot chokit is more like pudding which is not a bad thing.

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